HD Photos: 12 Beautiful Photos of Asiad Closing Ceremony
The 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games Closing Ceremony was held in Haixinsha Island on Nov 27. Here is the selection of the most beautiful photos captured during the ceremony.
16th Asian Games Review
The two-week Guangzhou Asian Games concludes tomorrow. Here are some of memorable aspects of the event.


Sport Pin Collector from America in Guangzhou for Asian Games
68-year-old Kenneth Weiss was a track and field coach in Florida who recently became popular in Guangzhou.
UAE Attributes Goals to TCM
Ahmad, coach of the UAE team, said their success owed a great deal to Traditional Chinese Medicine, especially acupuncture.


Closing Ceremony Preview: Thrilling Outdoor Cantata
There has been much speculation about the closing ceremony, but some of its "secrets" were uncovered recently by the local media via the dress rehearsal.
Traffic Control for ASIAD Closing Ceremony
The closing ceremony for the 16th Asian Games is to be held November 27 on Haixinsha Island. Strict traffic control measures will be carried out around the venue.
Changes in Metro Schedules for Closing Ceremony
Changes in some metro routines will take place during the closing ceremony of the Asian Games.


Designer of Canton Tower: It’s a Journey of Mountain Climbing
I first came to Guangzhou in 1995, then I came up with the design of Canton Tower. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Video: Interview with Thailand Women's Sepaktakraw Team
With the slogan "fight gravity" by the ISTAF, sepaktakraw is a sport rooted in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia.
HD Photos: Shaolin Kids Create The Sail on Clouds (PART II)
The 180 kids of the lift group flew above the stage with the help of steel cables attached to their waists.


HD Photos: Gathering of Artists on the Bank of Zhujiang River
The opening ceremony of the Guangzhou Asian Games showed another side of Chinese culture.
Imported Food Supports ASIAD
With the backing of Thailand, five tons of fresh fruit has been shipped to Guangzhou and preserved in a special freezer.
Post-ASIAD: Venues to Become Public Space
Many of the venues are to be turned into sports centers open free to the public, including Tianhe Sports Center, which is to become a sports theme park.


37 ASIAD Art Shows from 20 Asian Countries
The ASIAD art shows are to be held from November 8th to December 19th in 17 local venues.
HD Photos: A Romantic Stage between Sky and Water
The main venue of the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games Opening Ceremony is located on Haixinsha Island, the "eye" of the city's new town.


HD Photos: Shaolin Kids Create The Sail on Clouds (PART I)
Over 1600 students from the Shaolin Tagou Wushu School of Henan Province helped make that fantasy come true.
Things You Should Know about the ASIAD
Including informations about Free WIFI, Volunteer Station, Language Services, Transportation, Souvenir and Ticketing.
Guangzhou Time-honored Brands' Asiad Souvenirs
As the saying goes, "autumn wind, cured taste." Eating the lawei (Chinese cured meat) is suitable for November when the games are held.


Photos: Fans from South Korea, Malaysia and Thailand
High in color and spirit, these fans often hold their national flags and some even come dressed in their traditional costumes.
ASIAD High-tech Theme Park Open in Tianhe
This is a temporary theme park which is focused on three-dimensional interaction.
Video: Thai Man Shows His Support in GZ Metro
A pair of Thai men in traditional costumes appeared at Haiban Metro Station of line 5.


It is the Best Time to Show Our Art
With booming tourism comes a wider opportunity to appreciate the region’s higher levels of performances and art.
Guangzhou's First Electric Bus Line Opens
With a total of 26 buses, Line 801 makes GZ the third city in China with a mass usage of electric vehicle buses.
Frisbee Play of American Football Touchdowns in Guangzhou
This simple game is played in organized and diversified ways by a group of foreign boy scouts.


David's Asiad: from Farmland to Guangzhou's Living Room
From farmland to "Guangzhou’s living room", Zhujiang New Town shows little signs of its past.
Overseas students and ASIAD volunteers
Among the 590,000 ASIAD volunteers, overseas students shall be a special group, sure to attract eyeballs.
Congratulations form Guangzhou's Sister City: Los Angeles
The Asian Games is being successfully held here, and I send my congratulations to Guangzhou. I like the flowers!
Expat Sports in Guangzhou: Cyclists Enjoy Weekend Excursions
Starting in 2002 a group of expatriates began gathering together on weekends to cycle on the outskirts of Guangzhou.


David's Asiad: A Certain Level of Healthy Competition
A solution must be found if China wishes to maintain a certain level of healthy competition, both in the arena and out.
Guangzhou Asian Games, Major Commercial Opportunities
Experts have revealed that the Guangzhou Asian Games has invested around 120 billion RMB, but shall return 800 billion RMB.
Asian Contemporary Art Exhibition
The exhibit includes 1700 pieces of artwork from around China, including oil paintings, calligraphy and sculpture.
Expat Sports in Guangzhou: Art of Eight Limbs
At the north gate of Tianhe Sports Center, a group of men in summer sportswear were fighting and kicking enthusiastically in the freezing open air every night.


David's Asiad: Under the Protection of Water
Guangzhou truly is under the protection of Water, its natural element, as repeatedly suggested in the opening ceremony.
[Video] Friends from All Over the World Welcome You in Guangzhou
They have learned to say encouraging words in Mandarin, such as "Guangzhou Jiayou (cheer up)!"
Ten Local Snacks You Can't Miss
Besides those delicious dinner dishes, in Guangzhou there are lots of local snacks in a very special style a newer must try.
Top Ten Famous Special Dishes of Guangzhou
Here is the official selection of top ten famous special dishes of Guangzhou city.


David's Asiad: Volunteers at Your Doorstep
The enthusiasm and dedication of many volunteers should make Guangzhou proud of its youth.
ASIAD Reserved Tickets Sales on Three New Offices
From today until November 27, reserved ASIAD tickets are available at three new ticket offices and all ICBC banks in GZ.
Wushu: Born in China, Followed by Asia
Though little known outside of Asian Games circles, Gongfu, or Wushu, is a big deal in China.
OCA Wives' Cantonese Opera Romance
Refined in manner and imposing in appearance, a group of special guests visited the Guangzhou Nanfang Theatre.


29th OCA General Assembly Held in Guangzhou
Zhang Guangning was awarded by Jacques Rogge for the Guangzhou government's contribution to the Asian Games.
David's Asiad: The Steps at the Top of the Tower
The only thing on my mind was to get as high up as possible, and being with the designer obviously helps...
Free Asian Games Matches, Tour, Cuisine of Huangpu during Asiad Food Festival
60 lucky winners will tour Huangpu, enjoy special local cuisine and watch Asian Games matches from Nov.16-21.
GZ Asian Games Record Breaking Champions to Get Diamond Medals
Approved by the GAGOC, limited editions of 2010 diamond medal sets will be sold to the public after being awarded to record breaking athletes.


HD Photos: The Contrast between Two Asian Games
The photograph editors of Xinhua have found some similar photos captured both in this games and in the 1991 Beijing Asian Games.
HD Photos: Ten Stunning Photos of the Asiad Opening Ceremony
Here our editor has chosen the ten pictures captured during the opening ceremony of Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games.
Video: Asian Games' Main Cauldron Lit
Main cauldron is lit during the art performance of opening ceremony at the 16th Asian Games at the Haixinsha Island in Guangzhou.
David's Asiad: A Show Hard to Decipher
Admittedly, we learned of the importance of the Pearl River and that the Kapok flower is Guangzhou's flower...
One-day Lingnan Culture Tours in Guangzhou
Guangzhou has rapidly become an international metropolis yet much of its past has been preserved and protected.


Seven Points Not to Miss of the Asian Games Opening Ceremony
Here we have gathered the seven points of the show that no one should miss.
One-day Tours to Discover Modern Guangzhou
Many new architectures and attractions are now open, and the city and its numerous parks have been renovated to welcome...
HD Photos: ASIAD Opening Ceremony to Open with River Parade
The opening ceremony of the 16th Asian Games will be held on Haixinsha Island on November 12th, 2010.
David's Asiad: Beyond Guangzhou's Big Day
After all, when the dignitaries fly home and the officials return to their offices, the city is ours to enjoy.
Premium Lingnan Style Art on Display at Canton Tower
The exhibition includes ivory, jade, bone and wood carvings, Cantonese-style embroidery, enamel, opera costumes and furniture, as well as padauk lanterns.




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