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Chinese New Year (Chinese:春节,Chun Jie/ 农历新年, Nongli Xinnian /过年,Guonian) ,also known as the Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival, is the largest and most important of the traditional Chinese holidays.

Chinese New Year Festival is based on the lunar Chinese calendar, begins on first day of the first month in the Chinese calendar and ends with Lantern Festival (元宵节) which is on the 15th day of the first month.

Chinese New Year is a time for families to be together, celebrations include having annual reunion dinner on Chinese New Year's Eve, setting firecrackers, giving lucky money to children, sending Chinese New Year greetings, dragon and lion dancing.

In Guangzhou, there are other special tradition or customs, like flower fairs and lantern exhibition, adding some Cantonese snacks or cuisine. People also can enjoy a happy and unique Spring Festival.

The Spring Festival of 2013, the year of snake, lasts from February 10 to February 24. The celebrations start from February 6 at 8pm in Huacheng Square, where the lighting ceremony of the flower fairs in Guangzhou is held. Each district holds the flowers concurrently from 9am of February 7 to 2am of February 10.

Introduction to the Chinese New Year's customs and traditions

This year, Spring Festival falls on February 10 but the run-up to New Year's Day is as important than the day itself to many households. If you are celebrating the arrival of the year of the dargon with Chinese friends or relatives, we've prepared a description of the most common traditions so that you know what you are in for... [MORE]

Traditional Cantonese Snacks for Spring Festival

As a country covering 9.6 million square kilometers, China has a massive variety of different foods traditionally consumed during this big event. North China has its "Tang Yuan (汤圆, Glutinous Rice Dumplings)", while the south China city of Guangzhou has "You Jiao" (饺子, Deep Fried Dumplings) and "Jian Dui" (煎堆, Deep Fried Sesame Balls with peanut filling). [MORE]

Haizhu Lake Lantern Show Presents the Beauty of Guangzhou

The show will be staged at 6pm to 10pm over the week, featuring six groups of lanterns showing the cultural characteristics of Guangdong and Haizhu District. For two times a day there will be an art performance adding extra fun to the show. [MORE]

HD Photos: Garden Fair at Baiyun Park

With fragrant flowers and Cantonese styled gardens and sculptures, the Guangzhou Garden Fair at Baiyun Park is a must see for you to celebrate the Lantern Festival. [MORE]

Guangzhou Introduces Lovers' Ferry Trips

The main feature of it is passengers can get off from any pier to have a dinner, watch a movie or travel around and come back boarding another boat on the same day with their original tickets. [MORE]

Metro Line 2 to Close Later until Feb. 20

It means that the last train departs from Guangzhou South Railway Station at 12:30am and from Jiahewanggang Station (嘉禾望岗) at 12:15am. [MORE] 

Third Yuexiu Temple Fair to Celebrate Lantern Festival

On the first day people are invited to see the prayer and opening ceremony from 10am to 11am at Chenghuang Temple at Zhongshan Silu. Through the seven days, delightful snacks from all over the province will be on offered. [MORE] 

Metro Running Time Increased During Spring Festival

Guangzhou Metro Company announced on Sunday an extension of subway running time by 1-1.5 hours. The extended running time will last for 5 days, from February 7 to 11.  [MORE]

Baiyun Airport Ready for Spring Festival Rush

The peak of passenger numbers would come from February 2 to 9 and from February 13 to 18. The airport reminds passengers to arrive at the airport at least two hours before for domestic flights, and three hours before for international flights. [MORE]

【News Buzz】Spring Festival Transport in 2013

Lifeofguangzhou.com gives you a little advice to negotiate the Spring Festival travel chaos in buying train and coach tickets as well as in driving on highways. [MORE]

Liwan Revives Waterfront Flower Fair

This year, Liwan Government has moved it on to the lakes and canals that nurture the district. From February 7 to March 13, visitors can walk along the waters to see and buy flowers and other gifts and items for the Spring Festival from the boats. [MORE]

Dance: Nine Songs by Cloud Gate Dance Theater of Taiwan

Taiwan's Cloud Gate Dance Theater is the first contemporary dance company in the Chinese-speaking community. This dance opera is adapted from a piece of Chinese classical literature Nine Songs written by the poetic tycoon Qu Yuan in ancient times. [MORE]

Lueph, local Cantonese and senior executive in a private enterprise, recommends the readers of Lifeofguangzhou.com to go to Lingnan Flower Market during Spring Festival. [MORE]

"My mother says if have a lot of beautiful flowers at home during the Spring Festival, the whole family will live a good and happy life in the coming year, so my family considers buying flowers very important. Another reason my mother and I love to go there is that we love the happy and noisy atmosphere there."

Peter, local Cantonese and account manager of a magazine, recommends the readers of Lifeofguangzhou.com to go to Haizhu Flower Fair during Spring Festival. [MORE]

"We usually buy a small windmill in the flower fair. It's very interesting to watch it turning around when we are walking in the fair. I buy it also because it's a symbol of good luck in the Chinese culture."

Kang, local Cantonese and medical worker, recommends the reader of Lifeofguangzhou.com to visit San Yuan Gong during Spring Festival. [MORE]

"I don't think San Yuan Gong is religious; it is part of our tradition. It becomes a habit for many people in Guangzhou to visit there during Spring Festival."

Mandarin Oriental, Macau Extends A Warm to The Year of Snake

In Chinese Executive Chef Lam Lin Iao has created a selection of Chinese New Year special dim sum as well as a wide array of festive à la carte specialties. Lobby Lounge will also be serving a Chinese New Year Afternoon Tea Set for guests. [MORE]

Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Presents New Year Lucky Dishes

A time for celebrating the Chinese new Lunar year, the Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel has promoted festive dining treats and takeaway puddings and cakes. The dishes follow traditional names with literal lucky significances. [MORE]

Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou Welcomes The Year of The Snake

The hotel will host a reunion dinner on 9 February, the Chinese New Year's Eve, featuring an array of auspicious dishes. In addition, festive hampers and seafood hampers are available for guests to convey best wishes to family and friends. [MORE]

Chinese New Year Package at Sheraton Qingyuan

The Sheraton Qingyuan Lion Lake Resort now is having a new package at RMB 999 15% where you can enjoy the stay in the 52-sq.m. deluxe room, complementary double buffet breakfast and free use of the heated swimming pool and gymnasium and more. [MORE]

Grand Hyatt Guangzhou Chinese New Year Package

From February 1 to 17, 2013, Grand Hyatt Guangzhou offers you a package stay to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Snake: including one-night in Grand Room, food coupon and much more... [MORE]

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