Main Arch of Baiyun Flower Fair

Baiyun Flower Fair

Duration: 3 days

When: 8: 30 Jan 28- 2:00 Jan 31

Where: Yuanjing Lu Baiyun District

Bus: NOS.32, 58, 63, 271, 424, 475, 752 to Yuanjing Lu Stop (远景路站)

Flower Exibition

Flower Exhibition

Duration: 30 days

When: Jan 28 - Feb 28

Where: Baiyun Mountain and Yuntai Gareden

Bus: NOS.24 ,245 ,285 to Yuntai Garden Stop (云台花园站)


Carnation Exhibition

Colorful carnation bolssom celebrates the festive occasion and creates romantic atmosphere

When: Jan 28- Feb 28

Where: Yuntai Gareden

Bus: NOS.24 ,245 ,285 to Yuntai Garden Stop (云台花园站)


Peach Blossom Festival

Display of peach blossom, together with photography competition and poem appreciation

When: Jan 25- Feb 15

Where: Peach Bolossom River (桃花涧), Baiyun Mountain

Bus: NOS.24 ,245 ,285 to Yuntai Garden Stop (云台花园站)


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