Nansha District Flower Fair

Duration: 5 days

When: 8:30, Jan. 26 – 2:00, Jan. 31

Where: Shinan Dadao, Nansha District (市南大道)

Bus: Nansha NO.26 to Nansha Xiaohu Lukou Stop (南沙小虎路口站)

         Nansha NO.49 to Xiaohu Lukou Stop (小虎路口站)

         Nansha NO.7, to Xiaohu Dadao Lukou Stop (小虎大道路口站)

Metro: Line 4 to Huangge Station (黄阁站), Exit A


Orchid and Cherry Bolossom Show

When: Jan 26- Feb 14

Where: Sunflower Garden (百万葵园)

Transport: Line 4 to Jiaomen Station (蕉门站), transfer shuttle bus 2 or 23 to Sunflower Garden

Editor:Lynus Tan
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