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Neha Gunnoo

I come from the beautiful island of Mauritius off the east coast of Africa which is a melting pot of diverse cultures which are closely associated with flowers. Flowers play an important role in the life of every Mauritian whether it is for decorative purposes or religious festivals.

My love for flowers dates back to my childhood days, at a time when the bright colors of the petals fascinated me. Flowers are not just beautiful to look at but they also serve a vital role in our ecosystem which in turn guarantees the survival of the human race.

Flowers arouse passion and compassion and make us aware of the fragility of life on earth. The world would definitely be a different and dull place if there were no flowers at all. Flowers have an expression of countenance as much as men or animals. Some seem to smile, some have a sad expression, some are pensive and different, and others again are plain, honest and upright.

Mauritius just like Guangzhou can boast of producing a wide variety of flowers. The flowers seem to be singing the song of life and are testimonies of feminine beauty both gentle and sensual, harmonious curves inviting for caresses and an invitation to love.

Yes, flowers do talk and convey the beauty of life which is always reproducing and thus generously spreads through the universe.

Mauritius is blessed with a tropical climate and is a heaven for flower enthusiasts. Rich colorful shades and half tones of the tropical flowers convey a special message that goes straight to the heart. Once a visitor ets foot in Guangzhou, he is pleasantly surprised by the delicate blend of modernity with nature. With anging creepers and colorful flowers at every nook and corner, one feels close with Mother Nature. The lowers that adds beauty to the already beautiful city of Guangzhou soothes the heart of every visitor and welcomes him with open arms.

Flowers at a beach of Mauritius

Flowers in Mauritius are used in many different ways during festivals, celebrations and obituaries. In Mauritius, flowers are made into unique varieties of bouquets and are used for gifting others on various events, such as weddings, birthdays, love, funeral,baby showers and bridal showers. Beautiful flower arrangements are also used for decorating homes, wedding venues and birthday parties. Religions processions are gaily decorated with multicolored flowers thus adding to the pageantry of the occasion. It goes without saying that no religious ceremony can be performed without flowers. Newly married Indian couples have to wear garlands made of intricately woven flowers. Flowers form part of offerings made to deities during religious festivals and specially prepared bouquets gaily decorate banquets and halls during celebrations.

Mauritius as well as Guangzhou enjoys that unique feeling and experience with flowers. It is no mistake that Guangzhou is popularly known as the flower city of Southern China. Every public boulevard, overhead bridge, public space and park is gaily decorated with natural flowers which add value to life. The very sights of flowers in a stressful world bring a sense of relief and calm. It is no wonder that the people of Guangzhou throng to the local market on the eve of Chinese New Year to purchase all kinds of flowers. On many occasions public parks host flower shows and special improvised streets become of scene of lively and animated bargaining between flower sellers and prospective buyers.

The fascination of flowers reaches its apogee during the Chinese New Year where streets and parks are literally closed to accommodate curious onlookers and flower enthusiasts. Beautifully decorated stands proudly exhibit colorful exotic plants and flowers.


The importance of flower is best described in the following Chinese proverb:

"When you have two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one and a lily with the other."

Written by Neha Gunnoo

Editor:Vita Lin
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