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Claire Meyer

Personally, I love flowers found in our French gardens. My favourite flower is the peony, which is also renowned here in China. I find it beautiful, generous, and at the same time delicate. It is native to various regions of Europe and the Far East, including China. In France, peonies are used to make a specific bunch of flowers called "Round Bouquet" that are country-style bouquets.

Flowers are present in daily life in France, especially during the three most significant parts of our lives, which are birth (baptism), marriage and death. Indeed, it is during these important ceremonies that floral arrangements are the most spectacular.

In France, there is also a luxury industry, which uses many flowers: it is the perfume industry. Most perfume businesses are located in the southeast of France, especially in the city of Grasse. France is more specialized in the production of so-called fragile flowers like ranunculus or anemone. Even if we produce a large quantity of roses, mimosa and jasmine, it is not enough for the perfume industry, which consumes large quantities of flowers. Therefore, we also have to import flowers, for example, roses from Ecuador.

French round bouquet

Chinese flower arrangement

Also named as the "city of flower", Guangzhou has more affordable fresh flowers.

My huge passion for flowers has led me to be a big fan of the Fangcun Flower Market in Guangzhou, the biggest wholesale and retailing flower market in the flower city. I love visiting this very large flower market. In France, we don't have the luxury to visit such a place. At this wonderful scene of so many colours fused together, I am particularly fond of a walk around the mountain of roses, lilies and all the other varieties you find at Fangcun Market. It is not only adults that enjoy it there, it is lovely to watch children playing in the middle of the flowers, looking so content in the fragrant environment.

I regularly go there with my friends to buy flowers, after which we organise small floristry workshops. My friends and I gain much pleasure when we each create our own bouquet. The price of flowers at Fangcun market is very reasonable. Each time we purchase a big bunch of fresh cuts rather than simple branches so we can enjoy ourselves and make many rooms in our homes vibrant and tranquil.

At Fangcun Flower Market, there is also a big choice of potted plants and pottery. Recently I went there to buy plants to decorate the terrace of my apartment. I was really happy to buy the tree that I've been dreaming of for a long time, a frangipani. Due to the size of my dream tree, I had to rent a small truck that was situated at the entrance of the market. Now, I can enjoy my well-decorated terrace, drinking coffee while admiring my plants. I am very proud of it.

I am very pleased to see that Guangzhou has so many beautiful parks and gardens. They are very well maintained and they all make a very nice place to go for a walk. I can admire flowers and plants that we do not have in France, such as the lotus flower variety. There are also many flowers along the roads, especially bougainvillea flowers and frangipani flowers. They give this gigantic city many colours, fresh air and natural beauty. Guangzhou city is really a "flower city".

Azaleas decorated the overpass

(By Claire Meyer)
Editor:Lynus Tan
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